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About Chrysalis

Chrysalis Mission Statement

Chrysalis provides personalized services to assist individuals with disabilities achieve their employment, volunteer and recreation goals.

Our Vision

People with disabilities are accepted by and included in society for their abilities to contribute, and have the same rights and privileges as all citizens.


Chrysalis started in 1968 as Industrial Research and Training Centre (IRTC). A first of its kind agency that trained adults with developmental disabilities to produce manufactured goods. AFter four years, became the Western Industrial Research and Training Centre (WIRTC), a non-profit society operated by a volunteer Board of Directors then WIRTC evolved into Chrysalis in 1992.


Chrysalis opened their second location in Calgary on _____ and has continued the wonderful work of empowering individuals who no longer wanted to stay in school or be inactive at home. Chrysalis opened the Chrysalis Calgary Studio Arts Program in May of 2009 and has encouraged individuals with disabilities to develop artistic technique with professional tools and guidance. Though young, the program has risen in success and has had over 10 years of art shows and has raised funds through selling the beautiful art that Chrysalis’s People Accessing Services (PAS) have created.

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